Solomon & Saturn is next!

I get a little anxious when there’s nothing to translate. I pulled Robert le Diable out of the library to begin thinking about getting started with that, but i think it would be better to stay with the Anglo-Saxon for the time being. I had a few lines done of Solomon & Saturn from a … Continue reading Solomon & Saturn is next!

Beowulf is finished

Ladies & gentlemen, Beowulf is finished, but needs some thorough revision, which will come gradually as I go through the poem over the next few months. There were some pretty woolly moments in those last two hundred lines, so I will need to do some comparisons with extant translations and get a range of received … Continue reading Beowulf is finished

Order of the World revisions

I noticed some serious shortcomings in the Order of the World translation, and spent some time repairing the faults and reviewing the rest to see if there were other problems lying in store. Many small changes were made throughout, and I appended line numbers to the end of each verse paragraph to guide the reader … Continue reading Order of the World revisions

Moving In

Here is the new home of the Anglo-Saxon Narrative Poetry Project (est. 2007). Please look for links to the individual poems on the About page link above. So far only Christ I is uploaded, but others will be posted soon.