It must happen that the waters will flow,
the flood over the earth—life will be at an end
for every one of them. Often he can who
wishes to think truth in his own heart. (1-4)

Our Prince has called a conclave hither
for them upon the greatest day,
the most lofty of powerful kings—
when the Lord of Mankind wishes to burn up
the land with flames. There will be
no little speech to be made. (5-9a)

It will be kindled hot after the fire
seizes the corners of the earth,
the scorching flame, the bright creation—
all this broad ground will be filled with coals,
fearsome torches, just as now ferocious men
now tyrannize, proudly acquiring wealth,
striving to scorn their Lord,
until the wardens of sins are betrayed
so that they in their crowds seek hell,
fleeing with the fiends. (9b-18a)

Against them will be fire, a miserable punishment,
where the day never shone, light from the sky,
yet it stands locked up forever,
after the terror of souls is paid back.
It is confined above, and hot within—
there is not a surpassing home there,
instead there is the highest fear—
not at all a hopeful house, yet there is the bottom of hell,
a grievous journey for those who destroyed
the peace with their mouths. (18b-26a)

Nor does he know this murky creation—
how it stands forever, without end,
for those who are sunken there
on account of their sins and then always
who endure the flame-point for life. (26b-9)

Who then is so soul-wise or know so many things
so that he could ever account for the height of heaven,
as eagerly for the portion of God
as he stands ready, with a clean heart,
for those who wish to dread thus
these profound pronouncements? (30-4a)

That day must occur when we bear forth
all of our sins, our habits, and our thoughts—
that will be a severe gathering,
a stern force of armies. The heat will be cooled.
Nor will there be at that moment in this world,
the fishes’ homeland, except the calling of water—
there will not be either blood or bone here—
yet there must be every child of man
asking for reward with body and soul,
all of that which we upon the earth
have created before, both of good and evil. (34b-43a)

There can be not greater terror in the world,
and that will be widely known. (43b-4)

The stars will not sparkle forth here—
their glory will be shaken free,
the fruits of the earth. Therefore I always
wish to instruct the people
to sing from the heights the praise of God,
in expectation of glory—
to life onwards in the belief
and to work the love of the Lord
always in this world, before that momentous day
is announced by trumpets and a burning hot flame,
its terror surpassing. (45-52a)

Nor will there be the glory of any earl
longer in this life, after the warden of light
erupts in fire across the embrace of all earth.
The power of the breeze shall glitter forth,
a flame whetted, a shining burning bright
a letting of blood will be pronounced unto many,
the chastising of the King of Powers—
All of bright creation will be shaken,
the torches will bounce on that deep day,
the lofty skies will resound. (52b-9)

Then men and women will lay down the world,
the misery of earth, seeing their maker forever.
Then those who lived life in purity will be revealed—
for them the reward will be readied.
Their hope was always in heaven, since our Savior,
the Measurer of Middle-Earth, was bound fast,
by the greatest destiny, onto the tree full dark,
with anxious chains. Christ knows all good deeds—
the sinful soul never has any need for boasting,
so that the heavens should be against them,
when he very often cavils at holy precept,
embezzling it shamefully. Nor does he know
his share of that terror, the sense of evil,
before it swoops down upon him. (60-72)

He will figure out that, when the fear comes,
throughout middle-earth, manifest to many,
that he will be winnowed for the worse,
among the host upon the left hand,
when he could have been allowed to escape
onto the right hand, released to laughter. (73-7a)

Few will think that, those who are glad
in their friends, enjoying their desires,
sitting ecstatic at the feast, mourning not the journey,
how they were allowed to exist after this world. (77b-80)

The Lord of Souls wishes to requite then,
by his desires after this occurrence,
the Prince of Glory, all those who now
think sorrowfully about their sins,
suffering much anxiety of mind. (81-4)

The Sovereign of Life will repay them then,
the Herdsman of Heaven, after their journey hence,
for all their good deeds, of those who
were once so miserable, sorry for their sins.
Nor must he be too sluggish
nor too late to these teachings,
he who wishes to dwell with God,
to enjoy the edifices that the bright father
has prepared for us, the Prince of Souls. (85-91)

That is the Victory-Lord who adorned these halls,
built them up brightly—they must be clean,
free from stain, just as the Wielder spoke,
the King of All Kings. Therefore all of those living,
the deep-minded, will obey the Lord,
those who want to mount the heights of heaven. (92-7)

Yet it will proceed, though it be covered with sand,
the body with loam, that it must take up life,
a spirit after the earth. The people will be summoned,
the children of Adam, all to speech—
they will be gathered then, ghost and bone-hall,
joined together for that journey. That truth
will be revealed, when we discover ourselves
on that greatest day, warriors at the Rood,
saying then many righteous words,
likewise all will become under the heavens,
of the hot and cold, of the good and evil—
eagerly the highest Heaven-King shall hear
the deeds of heroes. (98-108)

Never so loudly does one sound the horn,
nor blow upon the trumpet,
so that the bright voice may not be
louder to men across all of middle-earth,
the words of the Wielder—the fields will shake
for the message that he turns to us for all. (109-13)

Respond now to this statement!
It must become known what I can not prevent—
these events under the heavens—
yet it must happen thus for every people,
across every bright seat, a burning flame.
Afterwards, after the fire, life will be established,
he will own weal in glory who thinks well now. (114-9)