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Lately I’ve been all about manuscript & contexts & questioning emendations, so I thought it might be helpful to provide guidance to which poems are found in which major codex (there are only four) so you can get an idea of how these works were presented to their initial audiences. So now there are five pages that will introduce each major codex & point to a manuscript facsmile if I can locate one. Below will be contents with a link to my translation & to the OE text as found on Sacred-Texts.com, which are derived from Krapp & Dobbie’s extensive edition, The Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records (6 vol.,1931-63). These are not the standard editions currently relied upon by far, so as I can, I will note useful scholarly editions. But these are accessible to all, so very useful (& added bonus, they boldface any word that is emended from the manuscript reading). In the fullness of time, I may list notable translations — and may even begin linking my readings of text & translation (though I have no intentions of making a complete archive).

These codex pages are listed at the start of the site menu at the top, in order of the ASPR volumes.

Have fun — and make good choices!

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