Long overdue updates

I’ve just uploaded my “re-translated” versions of Maxims I (aka the Exeter Book Maxims) & “The Seafarer.” Maxims is just finished, literally like today, but the other had been languishing incomplete for a very long time. Hope you enjoy — let me know in the comments whatever your opinion. I’m extremely happy because I _finally_ … Continue reading Long overdue updates

Fortunes of Men updated!

Hello all, I just uploaded my latest re-translation of the always-fun “Fortunes of Men.” This revisioning not only accords with the poetic style & rhythms I prefer these days, but also is the product of extensive reconsideration of the Exeter Book readings. In many cases, editors (looking at you, Christian Grein) have changed the text … Continue reading Fortunes of Men updated!

New Translation of the Dream of the Rood up now!

Hello old English poetry enthusiasts. It’s been a minute since I’ve updated anything here. But I would like to humbly offer my latest re-translation & critical deformation of a classic Old English poem (what Old English poem is not tho, right? hehe). It’s my pleasure to present here a re-vision of the “Dream of the … Continue reading New Translation of the Dream of the Rood up now!

On re-translating “Wulf and Eadwacer”

Oh sweet baby Jebus, “Wulf” is a wild one. A short lyric, found in the Exeter Book, traditionally listed among the 9 or so “Elegies” (a deeply problematic term, as I’ve pointed to before). The best translations vary widely (which they should) but more traditional approaches have fallen short. I get frustrated with disappointing translations … Continue reading On re-translating “Wulf and Eadwacer”