List of Solutions added

I added a page following the Exeter Book Riddles, giving the basic consensus for solutions when available. Some very few are my own suggestions. I also gave a list of correspondences to the ASPR numbering, mine conforms more to Muir’s and Williamson’s. A word of warning: the Baum edition of the Riddles available on Wikisources … Continue reading List of Solutions added

A Real Solution for Riddle #17

Ic eom mundbora minre heorde,  eodorwirum fæst, innan gefylled  dryhtgestreona. Dægtidum oft  spæte sperebrogan — sped biþ þy mare  fylle minre. Frea þæt bihealdeð,  hu me of hrife fleogað hyldepilas.  Hwilum ic sweartum swelgan onginne  brunum beadowæpnum, bitrum ordum,  eglum attorsperum. Is min innað til,  wombhord wlitig, wloncum deore;  men gemunan þæt me þurh muþ fareð.  … Continue reading A Real Solution for Riddle #17

Genesis progressing

Still moving forward on Genesis. Made it section VIII, in the Genesis B volume. It’s going so well because I am seeing very few of the grammatical misconstruals that had plagued several of my earlier productions. So really it’s most just rereading and reconsidering diction and line-breaks, looking for the smoother and sharper, augmenting the … Continue reading Genesis progressing

Genesis revisions started!

Just in time for the holidays, I thought I’d get started reworking the Genesis. Got my copies of the Doane editions (which now as I’m working through it, I realize I had on hand for most of the first go-round). Not finding many mistakes so far, though I am reconsidering line breaks wherever I can. … Continue reading Genesis revisions started!

What she said…

Along similar lines to my earlier post about modern medieval studies, here is Dorothy Kim guest-blogging at In the Middle: article here This site stands united with all anti-fascists, anti-white supremacists, and anti-anybody else attempting to base their hateful ideology in my Middle Ages (be it racist, theocratic, sexist, homo- or transphobic, ableist, or otherwise). … Continue reading What she said…