I’ve just uploaded my “re-translated” versions of Maxims I (aka the Exeter Book Maxims) & “The Seafarer.” Maxims is just finished, literally like today, but the other had been languishing incomplete for a very long time. Hope you enjoy — let me know in the comments whatever your opinion.

I’m extremely happy because I _finally_ figured out to upload a page without having to undo all the MS Word formatting that confuses WordPress. So now the process is a snap, I tell you!

I recently reviewed a volume of translations that featured a rendering of “The Seafarer” that won a major translation prize a few years back. I was not impressed by it at all — as it sounded just like 95% of other versions out there. I realize that these prizes are mostly about who you know &, just like the Grammys, are often given more in recognition of one’s past work.

Therefore, I decided to offer up my re-working of the “Seafarer” less in challenge or disgruntlement, rather in the spirit of invitation, to push towards a future of early English studies.

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