Revisions continue

Early confidence seems to have given way to later misreading, and I’m noticing a few places where I can not possibly tell what I might have been thinking: “þæt ge mec to wundre wegan motun” (line 370). Totally misreading here. I replaced it with “to when you all are allowed to lift me up as … Continue reading Revisions continue

Vercelli Soul & Body added

I just added a translation of the Vercelli Book’s version of “Soul & Body” [called S&B I by Krapp]. The text is slightly different from the Exeter Book version (II), adding about thirty or so lines at the end, and other throughout. Numerous different words are there as well. I tried to carefully collate the … Continue reading Vercelli Soul & Body added

The Grave added

A translation of the late verse “The Grave” was just added to the poems under the header “Soul and Body.” The others will follow soon.

Coming Soon: more Soul & Body

Program notes: I think it’s time to finally finish the series of “Soul & Body” poems. Currently just the Exeter Book version is done, but there are three more takes to complete: one from the Vercelli Book, one from the Worchester Fragments, and the latest one often called “The Grave” (the latter two not appearing … Continue reading Coming Soon: more Soul & Body