Updates to “The Wanderer”

Been awhile since I’ve done much work here, but I wanted to share an update. As I push forward into thinking more about how scholars derived their traditional ideas about who the early English peoples were & why these scholars needed to portray them as such, I have grown dissatisfied with how my translations sound. … Continue reading Updates to “The Wanderer”

Getting back to it

I have finally gotten back around to some translation, continuing work on the Beowulf 2.0 page. I’m trying to feel back out what I was trying to accomplish there. I think it’s going well — at any rate I reached line 300 today. I’ll keep going on that. I also plan to get back to … Continue reading Getting back to it

Beowulf 2.0 started

A new, deforming version of the Beowulf translation has just been begun. A short rationale is given there & repeated below: This is a new more experimental version I am trying to work out, & managed to get some lines spat out. The idea is that there are around 50 “straight” versions out there you … Continue reading Beowulf 2.0 started

Charms done

The eleventh & twelfth of the Metrical Charms are now completed — the first new translation I have completed in months and months. Felt great to do! Hope you enjoy them!

Revisions continuing

Not seeing huge amounts of things to do here, so I have reached the end of Genesis B and am ready to plunge back into Genesis A. Guess it’s good that it’s going so well — that I seemed to have done it mostly right the first time.