The Whale has been added

I knew that something from the Exeter Book wold pop out shortly (of course it helps when you only take that book home in the face of two probable snow days)–and so it has been realized: The Whale (everybody’s favorite Old English animal homily) is now done, and posted in its own page among the … Continue reading The Whale has been added

S&S now done

Solomon & Saturn (in all its weirdness) is now finished in first draft, and the resulting text posted to its appropriate page. Now there really is no excuse not to work on the Metres of Boethius from time to time, with some other Exeter Books poems interspersed here & there for a desperately-needed lark.

Riddles are pretty much done

All the extant, non-fragmentary riddles in the Exeter Book are now done, except for 90 (the one Latin riddle, which I’ll do eventually). I did not do what Williamson appears to do, and make generous conjectures about what the fragmentary text actually reads (though he may be basing these conjectures upon an actual encounter with … Continue reading Riddles are pretty much done

Riddles 1-86 are done

Some are strong, and some are shaky, and some need a lot of revision, but the basic form of the first 86 Riddles are done and have been posted into the “Exeter Book Riddles” page.

Riddles 1-51 are done!

Riddle 40 was a real chore (a bit dull really, though with some fun parts), but with its completion, that brings the first fifty-one Riddles to completion. Eight more will finish the first section, and from there they get rougher, with many incomplete and damaged texts in the second full section. These have been fun, … Continue reading Riddles 1-51 are done!

Riddles 1-35 now done!

The first thirty-five riddles are now done, in a good first draft form, which will definitely change as I continue to read through them.