I get a little anxious when there’s nothing to translate. I pulled Robert le Diable out of the library to begin thinking about getting started with that, but i think it would be better to stay with the Anglo-Saxon for the time being. I had a few lines done of Solomon & Saturn from a long time ago (7 years or so), and thought what the heck might as well work my way through that woefully under translated piece. So here goes, Solomon & Saturn:


Listen! I have tasted of all the books from every land
across the sea by means of their knotted letters
and the learned arts; have unlocked Libya and Greece,
likewise the liberi historiarum of the Indian realm.
These expounders of tales have guided me
into that great many of books….

Thus I never could discover it in all those olden writings
gathered up truly. Nevertheless I sought
which of the mindful and the majestic,
of the courageous or the wealthy or the manly
might be that Pater Noster palm-bedecked.

I will give you it all, son of David,
prince of Israel—thirty pounds
of pure gold as well as my sons twelve—
if you would bring me what I have been incited to seek
by these canticles’ quotation, Christ’s cable—
soothe me with the sooth, and I shall
fare forwards unharmed, turn myself
at will upon the water’s back,
over the Sea of Galilee to seek the Chaldeans.

— more to come —