Riddles 1-51 are done!

Riddle 40 was a real chore (a bit dull really, though with some fun parts), but with its completion, that brings the first fifty-one Riddles to completion. Eight more will finish the first section, and from there they get rougher, with many incomplete and damaged texts in the second full section. These have been fun, … Continue reading Riddles 1-51 are done!

Riddles 1-35 now done!

The first thirty-five riddles are now done, in a good first draft form, which will definitely change as I continue to read through them.

Riddles #1-10 are complete

I have been able to squeak out the first ten Riddles, as numbered by Krapp & Dobbie (though I, like many recent scholars, find it congenial to consider the first three riddles as one big one, since they are basically about the exact the same thing, & because the Exeter Book is not entirely clear … Continue reading Riddles #1-10 are complete

Three New Riddles added

I posted three “new” riddles to a newly-formed “Exeter Book Riddles” page. There you may find riddles 7, 9 & 38. More are on their way, as I work my way unmethodically through the selection, grabbing what interests me in desultory manner.

Two New Riddles added

As if I didn’t have too much to do already, I translated two more Exeter Book Riddles and placed them on the “Shorter Poems” page. These ones are the famous “One-Eyed Garlic Peddler” (#86) and the equally-notable “Key” (#44) riddles. I have long been curious about the strange first riddle of the Exeter Book sequence … Continue reading Two New Riddles added

Metres of Boethius added

My long-abandoned translation of the Metres of Boethius has been added to the ASNPP. I’m planning on returning to it after Solomon & Saturn is finished in a few weeks, not only adding new poems, but seriously revising the poems that are already there. A question: Anybody know of a more modern edition of the … Continue reading Metres of Boethius added