Genesis progressing

Still moving forward on Genesis. Made it section VIII, in the Genesis B volume. It’s going so well because I am seeing very few of the grammatical misconstruals that had plagued several of my earlier productions. So really it’s most just rereading and reconsidering diction and line-breaks, looking for the smoother and sharper, augmenting the … Continue reading Genesis progressing

Genesis revisions started!

Just in time for the holidays, I thought I’d get started reworking the Genesis. Got my copies of the Doane editions (which now as I’m working through it, I realize I had on hand for most of the first go-round). Not finding many mistakes so far, though I am reconsidering line breaks wherever I can. … Continue reading Genesis revisions started!

What she said…

Along similar lines to my earlier post about modern medieval studies, here is Dorothy Kim guest-blogging at In the Middle: article here This site stands united with all anti-fascists, anti-white supremacists, and anti-anybody else attempting to base their hateful ideology in my Middle Ages (be it racist, theocratic, sexist, homo- or transphobic, ableist, or otherwise). … Continue reading What she said…

Returning to revision

I finally got around to some revision: The Wanderer: only a bit here & there needed, some new phrases or line-breaks. Saw that I had forgotten “bote” in line 113. That was the only real mistake. The Seafarer: mostly just reconsiderations of reading & line-breaks. A distressing error in line 110. I had said “certain … Continue reading Returning to revision

Program for a medieval studies to come

That the medieval world is different from our own is not in doubt — though ancient influences still pervade our thoughts and dreams nonetheless. There is a powerful need to connect medieval literature to issues preoccupying contemporary America in both research and teaching, to show how the modern world emerges from its distant ancestors, how … Continue reading Program for a medieval studies to come